Friday, May 27, 2011

Grabbing, Rolling, Swimming and Smiling like crazy!

Nevs is coming up on 5 months! Wow, where has the time gone? What's new in the world of this little ball of energy and joy? Well let me tell you!

Nevs grabs for anything that she can. If you are holding her drinking some lemonade, wine, water, juice, soda...she wants it! And not only would she like to hold it, she would like to drink it.

Nevs grabs for your face! She has discovered how fascinating faces are. She likes to poke your eyes, nose and mouth. It's quite fun!

She is a rolling machine. You can't keep her on her back for more than a few minutes before she's rolling over to see the world from her tummy. She mostly likes to roll from back to front, but if she's in a super rolly mood she will roll over from back to front and front to back.

Nevs LOVES to swim!! She loves the water and likes to splash in it. We just bought her a baby raft with a cover and she could just sit in that thing all day long. She kicks her feet and moves her arms, there's no doubt she will be a little mermaid. (I have always loved swimming so this is no surprise!)

Last but not least, the girl loves to smile. Which is the greatest thing thus far! Every time I go in and get her from her naps or night time sleep she has the biggest grin. She loves to see herself in the mirror, she smiles for herself quite well! She loves faces, so if you put your face near hers, most likely she will smile.

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