Saturday, September 22, 2012

Life is a big classroom.

The other day as I was praying for patience through a bout of Nevaeh tantrums I realized there is a lot to be learned from toddlers. I started putting together a list of things that I learn through Nevaeh and then added some things I try to teach her. Here they are, in absolutely no particular order: 

Try Everything Once. (learned)
I mean why not, right? To me I wouldn't think that something that you wiped all over your smelly, hairy, armpit would appeal to the pallet, but if it tastes as delightful as it smells it's worth a shot. Now there are more useful things to a somersault. Because once you try this, you may find that you can actually do it and do it well. See Nevaeh tried a somersault and did it wonderfully. Now she does somersaults and jumps and headstands all day long. As an adult, it would be quite odd to pick up somersaults. But there is always golf, knitting, writing, speaking to groups. Try something. Do something. Discover.

Be a fan of yourself (learned) but not your biggest fan (taught)
I just love when Nevaeh gets a kick out of herself. She claps for herself quite often and I realized we need to do that sometimes. Clap for yourself. But know when to stop. No one likes those people who are their own biggest fan. There is so much to learn in this life and I highly doubt you'll ever master all of it. Give yourself some credit for where you are putting forth effort and once you actually excel at something, let others cheer the loudest for you. 

Be other peoples biggest fan. (taught)
I have this list. It's mental so no one can actually view it, but it's basically a list of people I am huge fans of, for one reason or another. I have a dear friend, Raquel. Couldn't be more proud of her accomplishments and humility. She's done things I can't even pronounce, but you'd never know it unless you looked at her resume. Cassi. Couldn't think of a more encouraging friend and passionate person. Linda Andrews. Can't even explain in, just something about that lady I can't get enough of. My list seriously could go on and on and on but since you don't know these people I won't bore you. 

Include everyone (learned and taught)
I love this one because it's dear to my heart yet I don't feel like I've intentionally taught Nevs this. Whenever she gives me a kiss or a high five or a "nice to meet you" handshake...she has to go and give baby and Daddy one as well. There is hardly ever a time when she will only give one of us a kiss, it's usually a family affair. And I love it. I want her to be aware of other people's feelings and I think this is a great start. I understand you can't ALWAYS include everyone, that's just not practical or wise. You need intimate settings and friendships but I'm talking about in general. If you think someone might get their feelings hurt for not being invited..just invite them. This is probably why I invite 60+ people to our parties. Ok, maybe I need to work on this. 

Never tire of a wonderful welcome home greeting (learned-big time)
There is nothing more wonderful I can think of than when you walk through the door and this little 30 inch ball of LOVE comes running at you full speed with the biggest smile and the happiest face. I realize this would be a tag ridiculous if I did this, but I can modify. Getting up off the couch or walking away from the sink to greet my man is a wonderful life lesson learned from my 20 month old. 

Get your hands dirty (learned)
Not a huge fan of diving into things. Whether I'm plagued by laziness, doubt, or germaphobia I tend to like my hands clean. Nevaeh on the other hand....she'll pick up a cricket, she'll smear smoothie all over the table, she'll rub glue in her hair...she's not afraid to get messy. In fact, she often welcomes messy. I don't think I will rub glue in my hair or smoothie on my table, but I'm learning it's ok in life to get a little messy. To try things. To fail. To get back up. To discover! 

Always say good bye with a kiss (learned)
Whenever Nevaeh picks up any sort of bag she says "byeeeeeee" and comes and gives you a kiss. She is pretending that she has gathered her stuff and is now ready to leave. It's really sweet. I realize I should never be in such a hurry that I don't kiss everyone in the house before leaving. You never know when your last good bye will be. 

Be creative (taught)
I always tell Nevaeh that getting dressed is one of the favorite parts of my day. It's a time to be creative! Unless you go shopping quite often you might tire of your wardrobe frequently. I do. I can't tell you how many times my husband has heard "but i don't have anything to wear!" The truth is I don't have anything NEW to wear. Am I spelling wear right? All of a sudden it looks funny. ware. Ok I think i was right. Brain fart. If you have 3 pairs of pants, 3 shirts, 3 necklaces, and 3 pairs of you know how many different and NEW combinations you could create?? So Nevaeh is slowly learning, that you can add a different bow and pair of shoes to a dress and make it look totally different! viola! 

and finally....

Be Passionate! (learned and taught)
Aren't toddlers just the most passionate little things? My little Nevs loves her blanket. If you decide it smells and needs a washing, watch out. She may or may not throw all 22 pounds of herself onto the floor and wail the entire time it washes AND dries. Or if you rid her of a nap and then also tell her "no"....oh man. Well I guess that wouldn't be passion...that would be tiredness. Anyways, I love Nevaeh's passion. Not the bad passion, but the good passion. Her face and body exude life and passion as she explores and discovers all there is to discover in this world. I never want to grow out of that. Passion makes you hungry. Hungry for more. Hungry for life. 

Thanks Nevi Nu for teaching me, reminding me, and making me laugh! 


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

TGFR "Thank God for ramps" and old and new life!

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Life. How fast it goes. I stare at the littlest, sweetest baby face many hours of my day. This new life brings a sense of hope. Hope for a beautiful life ahead. Where, if God wills, the days behind her are few and the days ahead are many. But when I leave my house I'm always made aware of the elderly who rely canes, walkers and if lucky, a loved one's arm to assist them in the simple thing of walking. You see to me walking is simple, but not to the person who has undergone hip replacement surgery numbers of times or the person who has fallen from a 30 foot climbing wall and now lives in a wheel chair. So i don't take this for granted. Walking is a gift.

Today I started a Bible study. It was at a church that I don't actually attend so I don't walk this campus much. I've been there a time or two but am unfamiliar with it for the most part. I arrived and as always had to assemble a game plan of how to get my little family of three from my car into the building that was 100 yards away and separated by a large parking lot full of elderly drivers :/

Aha! My infant was sleeping so she would ride in the stroller while my toddler would hold my hand through the parking lot into the the building and to her classroom. It worked just as planned and we made it through the parking lot to the .....stairs! Stairs separated us from the building. I quickly realized that I had just walked past a dozen plus handicapped parking spaces, thus realizing that there had to be another option besides these stairs. (sidenote- can two kids be considered a handicap? I think I'll look into that) So I look around and quickly spot a ramp. It's not until I'm finished with class going back down the ramp that I had the following thoughts. 

Ok fast forward a few hours. All the women are leaving the building, some talking about where to go to lunch, some just on a mission to get to their cars asap, some lingering and chatting with friends. After I grab the girls from the nursery I make my way back to the ramp. And there it happens. My eyes fill with tears. Tears happen to be my reaction to a lot of things. It wasn't really sad what I saw it was just "life" and sometimes "life" just totally moves me and my reaction is tears. And sometimes laughter with tears. The stairs led straight to the parking lot. The ramp took a little longer as it wrapped around a large section of grass. About 20 feet ahead of me a lady was using the ramp because she clearly couldn't have used the stairs. She limped as she hung on to a walker that gave her the support she needed to walk. She walked slowly, cautiously even. It did not look easy. I had a horrible vision on my toddler innocently running down the fun ramp and knocking her over so I held my little Nevs back until the other lady made it to the bottom. Then I thought of myself and why I was using the ramp. I had new little life that was chilling out in a four wheel stroller and I was no fool thinking of taking the stairs with a stroller. (i've seen it done before) so that's why I was on the ramp. The ramp can be used for all types of things but today what I saw was the ramp being used for old and new life. Both so incredibly precious. 

It made me want to shout! "Thank you Lord! You are beyond awesome and I'm lucky to know you!"And it made me tear up and then laugh.

Psalm 47:1-2 Clap your hands, all you people! Shout to God with songs of joy! For the Lord, the Most High, is to be feared, a great king over all the earth."

The ramp that brought me great joy today!

Ramp running!
Ramp usage required!

Whatever life has you using these days, the ramp or the stairs, I hope you find God's hand in it. 


Thursday, September 6, 2012

I cannot believe...let me take that back..i can totally believe that I haven't posted to my blog in about a year! one year! Life say the least. Now I'm not a Momma of one but two! Two little angels in my home to love on, snuggle, kiss, pray for and cherish. Still that awesome, hot husband walking around to love on, snuggle, kiss, pray for and cherish. 

My passion for writing has not died, but grown! The only difference is that in this phase of life, my words are not written down, but rather written and stored in my head. Until I forget of course, which these days take a little less than one hour. That is why I'm motivated to use my blog again. To remember. To share. To write. 

There is no way I am going to bore you with the details of all that has happened in the past year. The first paragraph pretty much sums it up. Instead, I will pick up from here and share maybe once a week, once a month, heck maybe not again for another year. 

What I would like to do is share with you some pictures...because aren't pictures just the greatest? They tell so much. I love communicating through pictures, which is actually why I am starting to get into photography! These pictures will share what we have been up to lately! 

Loving this verse today: 
Psalm 103:1 Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me bless his holy name!

Bless you Lord! 

and bless you my sweet friends!


My sweet angel Selah Kate

Our newest joy! 

That sweet face I get to wake up to everyday!

Two daughters? I must be dreaming! Loving me some girly wirlies! 

Seriously saving money using our espresso machine to make Lattes instead of  buying them! 

Doing tons of projects around the house! Peter made these frames for us! Cost him about $12 worth of the store it would have cost about $50 for 5 if we got lucky! I love them!

Starting to really get into sewing and wanting to start making my own clothes!  We will see! 

I love doing crafts! I made this wreath for our new family and children's pastor who will be joining our church! 
Nevaeh! If i had to describe her in a sentence: big personality with a huge heart and smile that will melt your heart. Pretty much obsessed with this little love bug. Nevi nu!