Tuesday, April 26, 2011

4 month Dr. appointment

Well my appointment went as well as an appointment where they stick your leg with a pointy sharp object can go. They stuck me 4 times and I received 5 vaccinations. (one was liquid I drank...why can't they all be liquid?)

I now weigh 11 lbs 11 oz. I am 25.5 inches. Dr. Kopas said he thinks that I will be tall and skinny based on my records and my "parents genes". The Dr. thought my skin looked dry and suggested my Mommy and Daddy put vaseline on me and avoid lotion. Apparently lotion is bad for me and my mom wonders why the heck anyone uses it then. I think my family will be switching to all vaseline, so if we are extra shiny next time you see us, that is why. Also the Dr. told Mommy that he thinks I need to start supplementing with rice cereal and formula. Mommy feels good about this because sometimes she worries I don't eat enough.

Mommy and I went to Target after the Dr.s and bought some cool things like; bottles, rice cereal and a bumbo tray. Right now I'm actually trying to fall asleep and rest before friends come over for dinner tonight so I better go.

Monday, April 18, 2011

She's a 'Rollin!

Nevaeh started rolling over last week! She started arching her back a few weeks ago by pushing her feet into the ground, but she never did anything more than that. She would arch and then fall back down to the bed, arch and fall down to the bed. But then....last Friday evening, she arched and twisted all the way over! Her little arm was stuck but Peter and I just left her there for a second and she quickly pulled it out from underneath her! It's amazing to watch this little bundle develop and learn new things. About two weeks ago she really started cooing. Peter and I just about died...it was the cutest thing ever. But then she stopped. Literally didn't hear that precious little voice for almost 2 weeks! We waited patiently, knowing that growing is on her timeline not ours! And then, this past week she has begun talking again!!! Not real words obviously but lots and lots of baby coos. In fact now, she talks my ear off! I absolutely love it. I can sit there and watch her coo all day long and feel 100% satisfied with my day! I will try to post a video of her cooing. My phone is not the best at transferring videos. Peter and I think she will be crawling in no time! And then....life will change once again! In the best possible way!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nevaeh's first SNOW experience

This past weekend we went up to Prescott to visit my folks. It snowed 8 inches the last day we were there! It was so beautiful! Nevaeh seemed to love it. It will only be a matter a time before she will be running around and building snowmen! So fun:)Nevaeh had an opportunity to wear her jacket and uggs one last time before she grows out of them!
Daddy and Nevy
Mommy and Nevy
It was a great weekend! :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Cloth Diapers are da bomb!

I am a firm believer that every family is different as well as every child and every parent. Some want to breast feed for a year. Some want to make it to 6 months. Some prefer to just do formula. Some have difficulty with their milk and have to do formula. Some like cloth diapers. Some gag at the idea. Some want their babies in their own room and crib by 6 weeks, some 6 months, and some 6 years. I love that we are all different. If we weren't, how boring would that be. So we decided to do...dun du du duhhhhhh....CLOTH DIAPERS!!! I debated. I thought...poop. gross. Poop in a cloth that gets warms and smell. Nasty. Spraying poop off the diaper and it going in my face. Kill me now. Then I thought, money saving. Nice. "Going greeeeeeen" , ehh that's pretty cool. Knowing what is on my babies bum bum. Love that. So I did it. I didn't test any out before hang. That's just not my personality. I had some recommendations from friends and I went with the CHEAPEST brand. Sun Baby. More like FUN BABY!! I absolutely love them. Not only are they easy on the environment, they are chemical free, saving us money...but most importantly.....they are super CUTE!!! Here are a few pics...along with Nevaeh's thoughts on them....

Mom you know I hate black...it is just NOT my color! Please get be back in those pink diapers!
That's more like it Mom. Now I can relax in my rocker and enjoy my comfortable bum bum.
Mom, give me a pound for choosing these awesome diapers. I just don't know how else to thank you besides a good ol fist pound.
Flower to the side, covering up my ear because quite frankly Mom...I'm getting sick of you telling me how cute I am all day long. I know i know, don't you think I see my big ol belly in front of me....I know i'm irresistible.
hey what can I say, I got my version of apple bottom jeans on . Now will you get me my boots with the fur?
Oh oh oh ....Mom look at my moves... "getting jiggy with it, nah nah nah nahnahnah." Got to love Will Smith.
Thanks again Mom for buying me these rockin diapers. I LOVE THEM! and you;)