Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Bracelet

In 2008 my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. I stillremember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I got the call. I wassitting in the passenger seat of Peter’s car and we were dropping off one ofour Young Life kids.  As soon as Iheard the words “honey…………(long pause) I have breast cancer” I went numb. Aftercomforting me that she would be ok, she quickly got off the phone. No matterwho you are and what you believe, I bet when most people hear “cancer”associated to someone you cherish so much you begin to cry out to God to letthem live. I did. I was not ready to face this life without her and so I prayedand prayed that she would survive.

A sweet friend of my Mom’s made bracelets for all of my Mom’sfriends to wear as she went through her cancer journey. The bracelets served asa reminder to pray for healing everyday. 

The months that followed the news were filled with surgeries,chemo and radiation. As an incredible writer, my Mom took many along with heron her journey through writing. I have every single one of her journal entriesand will never forget reading each of them….sometimes laughing historically andsometimes weeping as I curled up in bed and prayed that this would passsuccessfully.

I will never forget going home and seeing her in a nightcap. She said “are you ready?” and she removed her hat. My breath caught in mychest as I pushed through tears and forced a smile. “It looks good Mom.” Whowas I kidding, my Mom’s bald head didn’t look good. The only thing good aboutthe situation was knowing that we could totally trust that God had the bestplan for my Mom.

After a long year of procedures and pains, ups and downs,highs and lows my Mom was declared to be in remission! She had “survived” andshe was ready to get back to her life. Get her body back. Get her energy back.

The spring following her remission, my Dad and her took atrip to San Diego. On that trip she started to develop a bag stomach pain. Shewas worried that her cancer was back and it had spread. She confesses that thisis something that goes along with being a cancer survivor; wondering if everache and pain is the sign of its return. She laid in bed that night and criedout to God. “Please Lord, let this not be cancer returning to my body. AndPLEASE LORD, LET ME LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO MEET MY FIRST GRANDBABY.” The Lord gaveher peace and she shut her eyes that night.

The next morning, my Dad and her were in their hotel roomwhen the phone rang. Having no idea that she has prayed this, she answered thephone to my voice. It was me, her daughter, and…..I was calling to tell her Iwas pregnant. My eyes are flooded with tears as I marvel in God’s precious andperfect timing. 9 months later, my Mom held my hand as I birthed her firstGranddaughter, Nevaeh Grace. And that is what she was for my Mom; a littlepiece of heavenly grace.

I was going through an old draw yesterday when I found the bracelet and I was quickly overwhelmed with joy and thanksgiving. My Mom has since become a grandmother of 2 baby girls, has grown her beautiful hair back, has gone back to work, and has continued to shine for Jesus. If God takes her home before me, my life will forever be changed. But I know we will dance together for eternity. I love you Momma. You are my hero. 

Nevaeh as I explained what the bracelet meant.

The bracelet over Selah's heart ( well not exactly positioned right but you get the idea)

Selah holding the bracelet

I love this picture! The bracelet and Selah's holding my hand

Praising God for my Mom!

Nevaeh giving the bracelet a kiss:) WE LOVE GRANDMA!