Monday, May 9, 2011

Being Nev's Momma

My first Mother's Day as a Mommy was
(adj); extraordinary, esp. extraordinarily large

About 3 years ago Peter and I started watching
Along with half the country we quickly became
We would watch it online after it aired, and because we started late
we could watch as many episodes in a row as we wanted. One sad day stopped putting the episodes online.

Long story short
we stopped watching it...until
we got netflix! yee haw.
So on Mother's day morning we finished the show and finally
caught up with the rest of the world on the
disappointing end:(

But that didn't effect the flow of the wonderful day!
Hubs quickly jumped
up and made us some yummy yummy breakfast as sweet Nevs napped.
After that we went on over to
Nana's house
and enjoyed fellowship with Peter's sweet family.

is absolutely everything I hoped for and much much more.
Nevaeh Grace's mom means so much to me
i can't put it into words.
Hope y'all had a
mother's day as well:)

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