Friday, February 25, 2011

What is it about Fridays that are so wonderful? For most people it is that they have completed yet another work week and are gearing up for a fun or relaxing or productive weekend. For me, that's not the case. I don't work, so I can't say that's why I thoroughly enjoy Fridays. My job is taking care of my sweet daughter and a two day break every five days does not fit into the description. My husband is a fire fighter and so he does not have the "normal" Mon-Fri job either. So often time my husband is not even home on Fridays. Those are sad Fridays, I don't particularly love those Fridays. But today my husband is home and it is Friday and that is a wonderful combination. There is something about the idea of the "world" taking a break that I find appealing. Although if the whole world took a break, (restaurants, malls, and Vietnamese nail salons, etc) the weekends would feel eerie. Because part of what I love about Fridays and the weekend is the"pulse". Many Friday nights I'm actually at home by 8pm and not doing anything particularly fun, but I can always count on reading multiple people's facebook status's of "checking into" restaurants, parties, and events. I know that's pretty pathetic, but come on....I have a 8 week old! Tonight however I will not be at home by 8 because my girlfriend is flying in for the weekend! She gets in at 8 and I'm so excited to see her! I met Lori at training in Dallas for Southwest Airlines. We hit it off and have kept in touch ever since. Peter, Nevs and I are taking her to Blanco for dinner and margaritas:)) Whatever your Friday night holds, enjoy it!

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