Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday evening.
10:15 pm.
Sitting in bed looking at houses and blogs.
To my right: husband sleeping
To my left: monitor from which I can hear all that goes on in Nevy's nursery.
House is quiet.
Thoroughly enjoying some "alone" time before I crash.
Great weekend.
Girlfriend from Dallas came to visit and meet Nevs and Peter.
Great time included; eating, shopping, laughing, chatting and drinking sangria:)
Thinking of what I want to do this week.
Thoughts include: finish memorizing Colossians 1&2, sew, write, read, meal plan, look into figuring out how to use coupons efficiently, visit Mommy in phoenix, drink more sangria.
I miss: Mom, Kristin, Allie, Danny.
Thankful for: peace.
Hopeful for: God continuing to teach me how to pray. Without ceasing.
Love: having a baby girl.
Good night.

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