Thursday, September 6, 2012

I cannot believe...let me take that back..i can totally believe that I haven't posted to my blog in about a year! one year! Life say the least. Now I'm not a Momma of one but two! Two little angels in my home to love on, snuggle, kiss, pray for and cherish. Still that awesome, hot husband walking around to love on, snuggle, kiss, pray for and cherish. 

My passion for writing has not died, but grown! The only difference is that in this phase of life, my words are not written down, but rather written and stored in my head. Until I forget of course, which these days take a little less than one hour. That is why I'm motivated to use my blog again. To remember. To share. To write. 

There is no way I am going to bore you with the details of all that has happened in the past year. The first paragraph pretty much sums it up. Instead, I will pick up from here and share maybe once a week, once a month, heck maybe not again for another year. 

What I would like to do is share with you some pictures...because aren't pictures just the greatest? They tell so much. I love communicating through pictures, which is actually why I am starting to get into photography! These pictures will share what we have been up to lately! 

Loving this verse today: 
Psalm 103:1 Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me bless his holy name!

Bless you Lord! 

and bless you my sweet friends!


My sweet angel Selah Kate

Our newest joy! 

That sweet face I get to wake up to everyday!

Two daughters? I must be dreaming! Loving me some girly wirlies! 

Seriously saving money using our espresso machine to make Lattes instead of  buying them! 

Doing tons of projects around the house! Peter made these frames for us! Cost him about $12 worth of the store it would have cost about $50 for 5 if we got lucky! I love them!

Starting to really get into sewing and wanting to start making my own clothes!  We will see! 

I love doing crafts! I made this wreath for our new family and children's pastor who will be joining our church! 
Nevaeh! If i had to describe her in a sentence: big personality with a huge heart and smile that will melt your heart. Pretty much obsessed with this little love bug. Nevi nu!


  1. Well, we are saving money on lattes, but also drinking about 10x more of them!!!

  2. I think that picture of Nevs is the best kid picture I've ever seen!!!

  3. Bless the Lord, Oh my Soul! Amen!