Sunday, September 11, 2011


Daddy was working today, which I think was pretty neat. His fire department was doing a community event at a local church here in Tucson. The church held 3 services and each was well attended with folks piling in to remember 9/11/01. Wow how things have changed these last 10 years. In our country and in our individual lives. I will never forget that Tuesday morning. I was just a freshmen. A baby. I remember my Mom coming downstairs to wake me up like she always did, but something was very different. She said "we've been attacked, come look at his." Eyes half shut I drug my feet to the couch to see what it was she was talking about. I remember going to school that day and the halls seemed packed with people but silent. Every period our eyes were glued to the television as we sat watching the devastation unfold. Most seats were occupied, but every now and then there would be a period where I would sit next to an empty desk. A few people were suffering first hand. Family members worked at the WTC or for NYFD. I remember my freshmen year social studies teacher saying, "you are watching history be made. You're children will read of this in books, like you read of the Boston Massacre now." It was surreal. Devastating. Heart wrenching to watch people jump from buildings.

We will never forget, that's the truth.

Ten years later I'm so proud to be married to a fire fighter. Although Tucson doesn't get action like NY does, I have no doubt in my mind if my husband would have been there 10 years ago, he would have risked his life to save anybody he could of. I am so thankful for those firemen from NYFD. And I'm so proud to be an American:)

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