Tuesday, April 26, 2011

4 month Dr. appointment

Well my appointment went as well as an appointment where they stick your leg with a pointy sharp object can go. They stuck me 4 times and I received 5 vaccinations. (one was liquid I drank...why can't they all be liquid?)

I now weigh 11 lbs 11 oz. I am 25.5 inches. Dr. Kopas said he thinks that I will be tall and skinny based on my records and my "parents genes". The Dr. thought my skin looked dry and suggested my Mommy and Daddy put vaseline on me and avoid lotion. Apparently lotion is bad for me and my mom wonders why the heck anyone uses it then. I think my family will be switching to all vaseline, so if we are extra shiny next time you see us, that is why. Also the Dr. told Mommy that he thinks I need to start supplementing with rice cereal and formula. Mommy feels good about this because sometimes she worries I don't eat enough.

Mommy and I went to Target after the Dr.s and bought some cool things like; bottles, rice cereal and a bumbo tray. Right now I'm actually trying to fall asleep and rest before friends come over for dinner tonight so I better go.

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