Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nevy News

Nevaeh is 2 months old! Gosh I just can't believe it. Time has always flown fast but now that I'm a Momma it seems like it's going even faster. I'm enjoying every minute of this little bundle. Some of my favorite things are: laying next to her for her afternoon nap, listening to our "lullabye radio" on Pandora. I just lay inches from her sweet little face falling asleep and savor every second of it. Also the mornings that Daddy comes home from work are wonderful. He gets home around 8-8:30 and we just sit and stare at Nevs and hang out as a little family.
About a week ago, Nevy started smiling. Oh my goodness, talk about melting your heart! When she flashes that precious little smile I just about die. It's so sweet.
Nevy started sleeping through the night at 7 weeks. We started bedtime routine around 8 (depending on the night). She sleeps for 7-8 hours and then I feed her and she goes back down for 3-4 more. I am getting 8-10 hours of sleep a night, which is such a blessing!
I have been so blessed with an incredible Mom's playgroup! I absolutely love it. I have met some really awesome Mom's through it. Everyone is right around my age and it's been so fun meeting new families. Last week we went to the park and the kids ran around and played while the Mom's talked/chased the kids:) Nevy obviously wasn't running around, so I just helped with my niece and nephew! Today we went to the zoo! It's so fun, the kids just love all the animals! Not to mention it was an absolutely gorgeous day out!
Every day is an adventure with a baby, because it feels like Nevy is doing something new all the time! Yesterday we put her in her Bumbo for the first time and she sat at the dinner table with us! It was so awesome. After about 20 minutes she started getting tired and so she slumped down and rested her head on the bumbo, it was so adorable!
These pictures are pics that my dear friend Sarah Esparza took. Sarah came by to visit the other day and brought her camera. I had no idea that they would end up being some of my favorite pics on Nev! Thanks Sarah!

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  1. I change my mind...with her eyes all open...I feel like she also looks like YOU!