Friday, August 19, 2011

new life motto

So i have a new life motto. Live everyday like it's everyone elses last.

You might be more familiar with the phrase "live everyday like it's your last." But as i thought about that the other day, it seems incredibly hard to relate to. I can't live everyday like it's my last because then everyday i would drain my bank account with frivolous crap and Peter would wonder why had charged our debit card $180 .....three times. Friends would wonder why I'm calling three times a day, family would wonder why I show up at their homes and don't leave until wee hours of the morning. Yeah see that won't work, so i tweaked it. Live everyday like it's everyone elses last. Life can get really frustrating. Friends, family, co-workers, spouses, children and random strangers can totally get under your skin some days. That's life, ain't never gunna change:) change....or in this case I change. My perspective. I like it.

I guess I should specify, so people don't think i want people to die the next day. See when i start living like it's everyone elses last day, then the things that really bother me about folks seem so caddy. I mean life and people and things can get frustrating but when you think of the alternative of not having those people around, it really changes you. It's kind of a depressing thought but it today was your best friends last day, or your husband's last day or your child's last day or a family member or neighbor's last day...what would you do differently? It doesn't mean that I am calling everyone I know everyday, but for me it means every interaction i have with someone could be the last. so take advantage of it and love them and don't let a day go by without being thankful for and loving on those immediately surrounding you.

eh this perspective is interesting and has many holes, but for now....i think it works.

I also have a new favorite song...

check it out.....

and happy last day of my mind.

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