Thursday, July 28, 2011

just a little update.....actually this is really long i just finished writing it

It's hard to keep up with this little one. I clearly can't blog quick enough. I give updates a month or so late, but as some say "better late than never". Although my physics teacher junior year thought "better never than late" was more appropriate. Sometimes I agree. Anyways, hi. Let me tell you about Nevaeh. She's so fun. She sits, she scoots, she crawls, (well she actually doesn't crawl, she does the worm across the room) it's more fun that way. She coos, she babbles, she smiles and she FREAKS out when Mom leaves the room. She's in a mom phase, and to be honest...I love it. Her hand/eye coordination is quite impressive. She does this crazy thing where she can be looking one way and she senses the spoon near her mouth and she grabs it without a blink. She's like a frog catching a fly with its tongue, except this is way cuter. We definitely think she is going to be a little athlete. With a mom who drove the ball 250 yards the first time she picked up a driver and a dad who played pac ten tennis and rocked at it, we have high hopes for her;) But more importantly we are praying fervently for her. For her to know Christ at a young age. For her tongue to be loosed to proclaim the gospel. For her heart, her soul and her eternal destination!

Other news and blessings in our life. The air conditioning in my car went out. Let me remind you we live in Tucson. There should be a bigger word than 'hot' to describe the feeling of the heat, because hot doesn't seem to cut it. maybe if i capitalize it. HOT. Yep that looks better. It would cost roughly $800 to fix it. Now to some that may be pocket change and fixing it would be a given. Not for us. Pocket change is more like $.80 and if it cost less than a dollar to fix our AC, well the world would be a weird place. So Peter and I just switched cars. He took my Honda and I took his Pathfinder. And on with life we went. But the story doesn't stop there. We got a call three days ago from someone who I guess will remain anonymous (I would like to publicly shout a huge thank you to these people but knowing their hearts, they would rather I didn't). So anyways, we got this call. Someone wanting to pay for our AC to be fixed. ???? !!!!! :__( <-- emotions we felt. And if you don't read symbols that would translate to shocked, excited, overwhelmed (tears). Why would someone do something so nice? Because we serve a God who is kind beyond belief. Who is gracious beyond belief. Who is merciful beyond belief. No the check wasn't written by God himself, but by God's people. God's servants. And we are so thankful for the blessing of air conditioning:) Thank you Lord:))

Next bit of news.....our loan was approved! We heard from multiple people that the loan process would be a headache. They would ask for document after document and when you think they couldn't possibly need anything else they will ask for another document. Well interestingly enough that wasn't how it worked out for his this time. We gave them an initial set of paperwork and about 3 weeks later we received an email that said your loaned has been processed and approved! Congratulations! So we close on August 22. The home doesn't come with appliances so we have been keeping our eyes on craigslist, home depot sales and stuff like that. We found a great washer/dryer set at Lowes for $700. But then we checked Craigslist and found a gently used set that was much nicer than the Lowes one for $400. Wow! So we bought it.

And last but not least my prayer list is growing by the day. I have a prayer list that I break into sections. (health, babies, grief, relationships, etc). I don't write just anyone on this particular list. This list is for immediate prayers. (some very urgent) Let me just share a bit of this with you (everyone will remain anonymous no worries). I have 3 people under health right now. Although I wish this was referring to chronic headaches, colds, flu type stuff these three people have aggressive cancer and 2 have been given how long they will live as one awaits to hear results. I'm praying for miracles here. I have ELEVEN people on my grief list. 9 people who have had a tragic death take place in their lives and 2 who have had miscarriages. It's a crazy time right now and my prayers are never stopping. On a lighter note I have 3 people on my babies list. These are three people who are months away from giving birth. For 2 people it is their first and for the other it is her 2nd. This list was at 7 a few months ago, but God has been gracious and 4 beautiful, healthy babies have been born. And last but not least I have six couples on my relationship list. Three who are engaged to be married. 2 who just recently said 'I do' and one who is dealing with some struggles in their marriage right now. So why am I sharing this with you? Because God has been teaching me so much about prayer. How vital it is. I'm just one small person and I have 27 people on my immediate prayer list. This doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of people who I could be praying for on a continual basis. Let me encourage you to stop and notice all those around you who need you to be lifting them up. And what a wonderful seat I sit front row and watch all that God is about to do. Praise and glory to Him!

If you read all this, I'm impressed. If not, well then you aren't reading this part and so I can write whatever I want!! Peter would like to buy half a cow and store it in our freezer, how crazy is that.



  1. God is good!! Thank you for praying! NOw, let's get down to business...
    What kind of cow does Peter want? If he wants a grass-fed cow...than we want to split it with you. Please contact my office.

  2. Once we move we will probably buy another freezer to store things like half cows in.....grass-fed is what he would like yes, so let's just cut a big ol cow in half and call it a day. See you at Jesus's party!